10 Signs of Coffee Addiction

There are a lot of us around the world that love our coffee!

One of the first things we do in the morning is to turn the coffee pot on or run down to the cafe’ for one of our favorite brews!

Brace yourselves for what comes next, some of us may have an addiction to it and don’t even realize it.

Here are some signs that may be telling you that you have a coffee addiction!

You’ve Been Getting a Bit Irritable

If you are not typically an irritable person and have noticed this undesirable effect sneaking up on you, this may be a sign of coffee addiction. Try reducing your coffee intake and see if that makes a major difference.

When you reduce your coffee, do it a little at a time.

If you reduce your coffee intake too rapidly and you’re already addicted to it, you’ll become even more irritable than you already were and could develop other undesirable side effects as well.

Being committed to kicking your coffee addiction is a good thing, just don’t make it any harder on yourself than it has to be.

That’s why you should slowly decrease your coffee intake, consistency is the key to success, don’t go cold turkey.

You’ve Started to Lack Focus and Energy

When we start our coffee regiment, it gives us that boost of energy that just keeps us focused and moving.

After a period of time, something changes in some of us. We are drinking our beloved coffee and the effects are somehow different.

If you have noticed that your focus and energy levels have gone down, it is a possibility that addiction to coffee could be the culprit!

Trying to work without being able to focus on your job or the task at hand because you’re addicted to coffee should be a wake-up call.

Anyone lacking focus and energy because of an addiction to coffee needs to kick the habit as safely and swiftly as possible. Again, don’t go cold turkey, that’ll just put an unnecessary strain on your body.

Your best bet is to try weaning off of it bit by bit and stick with it!.

You’re Experiencing Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are other signs that coffee addiction could have snuck up on us through no fault of our own.

We are doing our usual routine and our coffee regiment and wondering why we are getting some anxiety over situations that normally do not even phase us.

Some of us start getting a bit down and don’t understand what’s up with that! Take a peek at your coffee consumption and start reducing it a little at a time.

Pay attention to see if that changes your anxiety and depression levels after a few weeks. Hopefully, you will be as good as new and shake the undesirable moods.

Struggling with anxiety and depression is hard, but if those conditions have been caused by an addiction to coffee, you’re in control.

If you can kick your coffee habit and overcome your addiction, you won’t feel any of that anxiety or depression again.

You Develop Flu-Like Symptoms

Nobody likes flu-like symptoms!

Who would have thought that coffee addiction could bring on something like that? Talk about a real downer. Something that tastes so delicious, has an aroma out of this world and we associate it with adding happiness to our day.

Ok, so it may be a sign that we need to cut back on our coffee time.

I know this is not music to your ears, but it might be a good idea to cut back on the coffee and see if that makes a difference. With any luck, you will get rid of those flu-like symptoms!

If laying off of coffee for a while does the trick, you’ll be feeling as good as new in no time!

Can’t Function Without Coffee

Sadly this is a sign of coffee addiction. There are how many of us that are like this, or know someone that simply can not function until they have had their coffee! The famous words, don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.

We have all heard these words from somebody we know!

You are probably sitting there with the name of one of your buddies popping up in your head right now that says these exact words!

Well, it is time for you or your buddy to take a look at how much coffee is going down the hatch and cutting it back bit by bit.

You’re Frequently Angry for no Legitimate Reason

If you are angry until you have had your coffee, or coffee deprived, unfortunately, this is one of those coffee addiction signs!

If you don’t notice it, your friends and family will let you know that you have become on the ornery side. Let’s face it, no one likes to be around an angry individual.

We don’t want to chase away our friends and family.

If you start noticing that no one is coming around to visit you, people at work are avoiding you or no one is calling you to go out on the town, it is possible that you may be on the angry side too much of the time due to coffee addiction and folks are shying away from you.

Take a look at your coffee consumption and make a change in your life that everybody else that associates with you will appreciate.

You Feel a Need to Increase Your Coffee Intake

Some of us will notice that we are not feeling the effect of our coffee boost with our usual regiment anymore and wondering what is going on. Then we start feeling the need to drink more coffee to get ourselves going.

This is possibly a sign of coffee addiction and you may need to start cutting back.

For example, if you have bumped your cups of coffee up to 7 cups a day, try reducing it to 4 cups a day and see how that goes.

You Have Evening Coffee Cravings

It is evening time and you are getting coffee cravings with your eyeballs starting to boink out. This is not a good time to have coffee, but can’t shake the thought of coffee! It is approaching time to go to sleep, and it is not a good idea to reboot the system with caffeine.

You will be over-caffeinated and unable to sleep.

The morning will arrive sooner than you think, and you will be absolutely exhausted from sleep deprivation and ironically over-caffeinated! It’s that time to cut back on that beloved coffee and relook at the situation in a few weeks.

The best way to stave off your evening coffee cravings is to stop keeping coffee in your house.

Feel free to grab a cup of joe to go in the morning when going about your daily routine, just try to limit your intake of coffee at night.

If you succeed, you’ll feel better, brighter, fresher, less irritable, and rested.

You’re Getting Frequent Headaches

While typically coffee can relieve certain types of headaches, it can also bring them on. If you have been trying to reduce your coffee intake and start experiencing headaches, it is a possibility that it’s caused by caffeine deprivation.

Try reducing your coffee a little at a time and see how you are doing after a few weeks. Hopefully, you will have found the culprit and will now be headache-free!

If you find yourself constantly downing cups of coffee even though you know it’s been giving you headaches, it’s time to take a step back.

Although there are certainly plenty of things you could be addicted to that would be much worse than coffee, it’s not worth sacrificing health and comfort.

The next time you pick up a cup of coffee after a headache has already been induced from the last cup, pour it out.

Coffee has Become Your Crutch

For some of us coffee lovers, it can become a crutch. I know it is not fair that something so wonderful to have this effect on us, but it can happen.

Keep this in mind and remember to control your coffee and do not let it control you!

Having a crutch is normal, it’s something that almost everybody has.

That said, if coffee has become your crutch and you find yourself unable to function at work or go very long without it, you’ve got a problem.

Fortunately, kicking a coffee addiction is typically much easier than other substances.

Stay in control, stay in the driver’s seat and promise yourself that you won’t let your addiction to coffee affect your life.

If you’re reading this article, you’re ready to stop drinking excessive amounts of coffee.

There’s nothing wrong with a cup or two here and there, but if you’re drinking coffee all day, one cup after another, it has to stop

Start slow and wean yourself off of coffee by limiting yourself to 3 cups a day. The week after that you should limit yourself to 2 cups a day and go from there.

Hopefully, this puts you on the right track towards a healthier lifestyle, we know you can do it!

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