What Are Coffee Flights?

For most people, having coffee is an isolated event. Even if you are drinking coffee with colleagues or are out on a coffee date, you’re ultimately enjoying your individual beverage.

However, a coffee flight allows you to share the experience of having coffee in a unique way. Whether you go by yourself, on a date, or with a group of friends, a coffee flight can improve the experience.

Read on to learn more about coffee flights and why they should be on the bucket list of every coffee lover.

Coffee Flights – What Does It Mean?

If you’re unaware of the term ‘coffee flights,’ it may confuse you at first glance. You may wonder, “Would they take me on a flight and serve me a variety of coffees or something?”

However, despite what the name suggests, coffee flights have nothing to do with airplane flights. Instead, the word ‘flight,’ in this case, is derived from wine flights.

If you’ve had any experience with wine flights, you’d already be aware that they’re basically the equivalent of a wine tasting event.

But instead of being hosted at your super-rich cousin’s farm or your friend’s apartment, you will likely have to visit a high-end club or bar that serves wine flights.

Instead of just a random selection of wines, a wine flight consists of three or more wines with similar themes tying them together. This allows the taster to identify the subtle differences between the wines.

In some cases, a wine flight will have two variants of the same wine, such as a vintage Merlot and a young version. This allows you to compare the characteristics of the similar yet noticeably different wines.

Where Does the Term ‘Flight’ Come From?

There isn’t any hard evidence in literature or print about where the term ‘flight’ comes from. The general belief is that it was just a random selection of words since ‘flight” means “a group of.”

Nevertheless, there are some romantics who believe that the term was chosen due to its obvious association with traveling.

To think that the wine has traveled over the years before arriving in front of you gives it a more vintage characteristic, in addition to the dreamy feeling.

That being said, there is a higher chance that the term was originally coined due to the simple meaning of the word. However, once it got popular, people started associating their own definitions with it.

How Did Coffee Flights Become a Thing?

Directly derived from this unique wine tasting experience, some coffee shops and cafes started introducing the flight setup for their coffee.

The idea was simple: to allow the customers to experience several different flavors of the coffee without them having to order three separate beverages.

More often than not, the coffee flight would be served under the watchful eye of a sommelier. Well, a barista in this case.

Not only will they allow you to sample various coffees, but they will also let you know about the different flavors and methods of preparations that were used.

They will also talk you through the aromas and rich flavors you experience as you consume each coffee on the flight and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Who Should Try A Coffee Flight?

If you’re someone who prides themselves on the coffee knowledge they possess, you may think that a coffee flight isn’t something you necessarily need to try.

If you’ve already tried most of the coffees on the menu, what’s the point in trying several beverages together?

However, coffee flights aren’t just for beginners or coffee novices. In fact, experienced coffee drinkers can also benefit from the experience.

When tasting several drinks side by side, you will notice the individual notes and flavors of each coffee and better understand the separate characteristics of each.

That being said, if you’re looking for a morning coffee to wake you up, a coffee flight may not be the best option on the menu. Instead of making you more alert, it might make you more irritable.

Side-by-Side Tasting

You’d be surprised how many people believe that coffee just tastes like coffee. In fact, there is no shame in admitting if you’re one of these people.

Despite being one of the most popular beverages in the U.S, knowledge about coffee is staggering low.

Even people who think of themselves as coffee experts may only know about the tip of the iceberg. And yet, it would still be significantly more than the average person.

This is why most people find themselves confused when they read terms such as “molasses,” “blueberry,” or even “dark-roasted” on their coffee labels.

Needless to say, not taking the time to learn about the different coffee flavors and profiles is a bit of an insult to the beverage, especially if you believe you’re passionate about coffee.

Side-by-side tasting with the help of a coffee flight can be your first step towards educating yourself about all that coffee has to offer.

You can get two-ounce servings of three different coffees in most places for two to five dollars.

Most coffee shops allow you to customize the drinks that are served. This means you can have combinations of Brazilian and Colombian coffees along with a cappuccino.

However, if you’re confused about what to get, you can always ask the barista to assist you in making a decision.

They will guide you through the different combinations you should try depending on your taste and level of interest. They will also tell you everything you need to know.

During the summers, the barista may cap off the flight with a small serving of bottled cold-brew coffee to balance all the hot drinks.

Where to Find Coffee

Despite their increase in popularity, you won’t find a lot of places that serve coffee flights. Additionally, not all places that serve it are worth trying.

Therefore, if you want a truly great experience, you must do some prior research. Make sure you only visit a coffee shop or cafe with knowledgeable baristas.

If the baristas aren’t aware of the subtle differences in the varied flavors of coffee, you won’t benefit much from the tasting.

You may notice the differences in tastes, but you wouldn’t understand the reason behind it until someone properly talks you through it. As a result, you may not return to the coffee shop again.

Best Places to Go For Coffee Flights

If you want to give coffee flights a shot, here are some of the best places around the country that offer them.

Coffee Project New York

With several branches across the state, Coffee Project New York provides a wide assortment of coffees on their coffee flight that you absolutely cannot miss.

BAKFISH Brewing Co

These might be the most Instagram-worthy coffee flights you’ll find in the country. Located in Houston, this brewery also happens to be dog-friendly.

L-City Coffee:

Going all the way to Lancaster to try this coffee flight may not seem worth it, but you’ll change your mind once you get there. This unique cafe has the widest range of coffee to try.

Brioso Coffee

For over two decades, Brioso Coffee has been serving the best-caffeinated beverages in Central. And their coffee flight certainly lives up to the longstanding image. 

Vallery Farmhouse Bakery

You may know Vallery Farmhouse Bakery for its mouthwatering baked goods. But don’t sleep on their coffee flight, which entirely consists of different iced coffees and is every bit as amazing.


As a coffee lover, a coffee flight should be the first thing on your priority list if you haven’t tried it yet. But if you’re just a passerby caffeine consumer, you should also give it a shot.

You never know; you might come across your new go-to coffee flavor.

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