Do Coffee Grounds Repel Voles?

If you like gardening, you would know about the damage voles can cause to your plants and vegetables. They may be tiny, but these rodents can destroy a beautiful yard in minutes.

There are plenty of different ways to repel voles. Are coffee grounds one of them? Let’s find out.

Can Coffee Grounds Repel Voles?

Yes, voles dislike coffee grounds because caffeine is fatal for them. You can scatter some on the ground, so they stay away from your yard.

You will likely find voles in your yard if you have a vegetable garden. They like eating the roots of young plants, which can severely damage your plants.

Voles do not only stay away from coffee grounds because of caffeine. In fact, they also dislike the smell of coffee, which they can sense from afar, and avoid the area where they might come across any coffee grounds.

Voles make burrows in your perfect yard, and it can be difficult to spot them because they are small and blend well with their dig-ups.

It is essential to get rid of them so you can harvest your fruits and vegetables without any worry.

Benefits of Using Coffee Grounds to Repel Voles

Since these little creatures are such a nuisance, many people want to get rid of them so they can keep their yards safe.

Hence, there are plenty of different things you can try to keep voles away from your property, and using coffee grounds is one of the best ways.

Here is why you should consider using coffee grounds to repel voles:

Natural Repellent

As mentioned, there are different, quicker, and more effective ways to get rid of voles. However, many of these ways can hurt the voles and also your environment.

So people prefer to go for natural remedies that will be environmentally safe and also won’t be hazardous for the voles.

This makes coffee grounds an excellent natural repellent that can keep voles away without causing any harm to them.

Natural Fertilizer

Coffee grounds are good for your plants since they are a natural fertilizer. Coffee grounds have several essential nutrients that are important for the growth of plants.

Furthermore, coffee grounds also help attract worms, which are great for your soil because they bring down the concentration of heavy metals present in the soil.

Since coffee grounds are multipurpose, they are an excellent choice to ensure your yard stays healthy and there is no vole invasion to destroy all your hard work.

Keeps Away Other Pests

That is not all coffee grounds can do. They are also good at keeping other rodents and creatures away.

Scattering coffee grounds in your yard will help keep away ants, squirrels, wasps, snails, slugs, rabbits, and many more pests.

This makes coffee grounds nature’s own repellents.

An Affordable Method

Coffee grounds are a staple item in many American households. Hence, it is not something that requires a hefty investment.

You also do not need any specific coffee grounds. Regular ones will work just as well as any other. Other methods of keeping voles away can be pricey.

Hence, if you are looking for a quick and easy solution, you can simply scatter or mix the coffee grounds in the soil in your yard, and it will soon be vole-free. 

Tips on Using Coffee Grounds to Repel Voles

There are different ways you can incorporate coffee grounds by analyzing which best suits your needs and are most effective for your problem:

DIY Vole Repellent

Typically, rodent sprays are laden with hazardous chemicals that can harm your plants and the environment. Moreover, they are also fatal for the voles.

You can make a DIY Vole repellent spray that is chemical free and will ensure the plants in your yard aren’t harmed.

All you need is:

  • A clean spray bottle
  • A container
  • Coffee grounds
  • Water

Simply mix 1 part coffee grounds with 2 parts water in a container and leave the mixture overnight. The following day, strain the mixture into a spray bottle. Add a few drops of citrus essential oil and shake well.

You can spray it around your property. This will ensure that the smell of coffee is in the air, making voles stay away from your space.

Since coffee has a strong aroma, the voles will stay away from the direction from where the smell is wafting.

Scattering or Mixing with Soil

The simplest way is to take a big scoop of coffee grounds and scatter or mix it with the soil in your yard. You can spread coffee grounds around your plants.

This way, the voles will stay away from your fruits and vegetables, keeping them safe until it is time to harvest them.

Remember that the strong winds and rain will require you to scatter coffee grounds again because they will lose their pungent aroma.

It is essential to know that you need not waste fresh coffee grounds for this purpose. Used coffee grounds are just as effective.

Many people like having a cup of coffee in the morning. You can scatter the coffee grounds you used for preparing your coffee. In fact, brewed coffee has a stronger aroma and will deter voles easily. 

In addition to this, most coffee shops are willing to dispose of coffee grounds by giving them to people who would like to use them as soil compost.

Fill Vole Holes

If the voles have dug up your yard and you can see burrow holes, you can trap the creatures in the holes so their way is blocked and they cannot access your yard.

You can do so by filling up their holes with coffee grounds. Simply seal the top of the hole. This will ensure that the aroma drifts in the entire tunnel and the voles stay away from the entrance they have dug up to your yard.

How Often Should You Use Coffee Grounds?

If you want to make sure the rodent stays away from your property, you must use coffee grounds regularly.

In case you have an infestation, make sure that you replace the old coffee grounds sooner than weekly, so the scent helps drive the voles away.

You can also add the coffee grounds to your compost pile and mix them with leaves and grass clippings. This will help you repel many kinds of rodents.

Other Ways to Keep Voles Away from Your Yard

There may be times when you will have a hard time trying to keep voles away. In such a case, you can try other things known to work against voles without harming them.

Moreover, trying more than a single method will increase your chances of deterring voles from your garden. Here are some nonhazardous ways:

Keep Your Yard Clean

When there is fallen food or vegetables in the garden, it will attract all kinds of pests. Keeping your yard clean and uncluttered will ensure voles do not visit for snack time.

Once they come across food, they will make regular visits and dig tunnels to keep returning for food and storing it.

Trap Them

In case a vole infestation occurs, people often use traps to find a permanent solution for these creatures that attack the plants.

There are very effective traps that act fast and quickly if you place them in the right locations. Placing traps regularly and checking on them will ensure your yard becomes free of voles.

Electronic Ultrasound Repellent

There are some electronic ultrasound repellents in the market that release a certain frequency that only some animals can hear.

It is uniquely programmed to keep pests away from your yard. It does require a hefty investment.

So, trying an affordable and easy remedy like scattering coffee grounds is best before you spend big money.

Add Plants that Voles Dislike

There are some plants that can help deter voles and a few other pests as well. These plants have strong scents, and voles try to keep away from them as much as possible.

Plants such as daffodils, marigolds, alliums, castor beans, and fritillaries are some great choices that can help you keep voles at bay.

It is essential to note that voles will only stay away from the areas where these plants are. They might roam around or dig tunnels in places these plants aren’t present.

That said, it is good to try methods in combination since that will elevate your chances of getting rid of voles for a longer time.

The Bottom Line

People spend long hours doing hard work to maintain their gardens and yards. It is quite a shame when a small pest destroys all their hard work.

Using coffee grounds is an excellent way to repel voles without harming them or the environment. Moreover, it ensures your plants are also safe.

Coffee grounds are natural repellents and are a great source of nutrients for your plants. So you can use them without worrying about their effects on your plants.

In addition to this, it is an inexpensive option. In fact, it costs nothing for those who are regular coffee drinkers or have access to used grounds from coffee shops.

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